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Gamma Monitoring

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Gamma Monitoring

In this context this refers to Gamma Dose-rate Monitoring. The usual task is to detect, measure and time integrate the dose intensity of gamma radiation diffused in the environment, indoor or outdoor, of natural (background) as well as artificial origin, or also due to ‘gamma sources’ in the vicinity.
  • Local Control Units
  • LCU Series

Smart Monitors:

  • SMU Series
  • ENVIRAD Series


The RTS LCU-05 (wall), LCU-05M (wall compact), LCU-05R (rack) and LPU-05G Gamma Monitoring Units are modern multiprocessor-based radiation monitors. They can operate either as autonomous self-standing units or as peripherals in centralized networks.

Coupled to the RTS Gamma Probes, they are suited for the control of dose-rate (or eventually exposure-rate) from background levels to even large fields that can be generated by accidental releases in nuclear plant or facilities and is specifically designed for area, gate and environmental monitoring, indoor as well as outdoor.

Their primary functions are to display the dose-rate in the area and to warn local personnel and/or central operators in the event of anomalous or alarming situations. The units allow remote monitoring by installing the detector(s) and/or the alarm unit(s) far from the LCU/LPU box.

The industrial solutions characterizing the LCU-05/LPU-05 permit low power consumption and small dimensions and weight. Easy operation and very limited need of operator’s interventions are among the advanced characteristics as well as measurement’s precision and reliability thanks to proprietary algorithms, auto-test and auto-calibration procedures, automatic failure detection and automatic control of significant parameters, including response time between two programmable values. The monitoring data are displayed locally (LCD for the LCU and TFT for the LPU) and transmitted to the connected computers if any. An internal battery provides for a large power back-up, several communication links can be achieved even contemporarily. The control and programming functions can be performed locally as well as from remote computers. The LCU-05 series is provided, as standard configuration, coupled to the RTS HNQ GAMSI or MAG probes, while the LPU-05G can be also coupled to RTS smart probes (like the ENVIRAD series), while other configurations are optional.

The LCU-05 is designed to accept 1 or 2 probes, while the LPU-05G may accept up to 16, 8 or 4 probes depending on types. As example the typical range of the simplest HNQ-24 family is from background to 100-200 mSv/h for the ‘L’ type, while arrives to 10 Sv/h for the ‘W’ type.



SMU-01, SMU-02

ENVIRAD Series – Smart GM Gamma Probes (IC Emulators)

The RTS ENVIRAD series includes compact, microprocessor-based, radiation monitoring units (‘smart probes’) for gamma dose-rate, some of them emulating ion chamber based monitors. They usually operate as peripheral devices in centralized networks or connected to a main processor.

The ENVIRAD-01 is one of the so-called ‘ion chamber emulators’, suited for the measurement of dose-rate from background levels to large fields that can be generated by accidental releases in nuclear plant or facilities and is specifically designed for indoor area and process monitoring as well as for outdoor environmental monitoring.