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Short overview of past experience

Radiation Monitoring Systems and Electronic Dosimetry Systems for the former ENEL NPPs in Italy.
Radiation Monitoring Systems for the main Research Centres in Italy.
Air Pollution and Radon analyses for urban areas and Environmental Impact Studies for programmed structures.
Research & Development Contracts included in CNR and ENEA National Programs, concerning new systems and stations for environmental and radiation monitoring.
Mobile and Fixed Monitoring and Control Stations for Civil Defence.
Radiation Monitoring Systems for the former RBMK and VVER NPPs.

Beside the above overview some recent results in America, Asia and Europe may be considered significant: among them it is to be noted that RTS equipment has been selected by USEPA for implementing the National Air Radiation Monitoring Network (RADNET) with 180 stations over the whole US territory and some central control stations (RTS supply value over 2.5 million dollars).

Recent list of Radiation Monitoring Systems for  Environmental & Plant Application

Client Activity Period
FLYLIN / Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan Three RMS Systems including 21 Aerosol Monitors (RAM/CAM/CCAM). 2002/2009 2013/2016
Government of Malta Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network composed by 3 Air Monitoring Stations (RAM/SMU/ENVIRAD) and a Network Control & Coordination Centre. 2013/2014
VF, Czech Republic, various NPPs Supply of 25 Aerosol Monitors (CCAM-CPM) for plant application. 2010/2017
West Systems, NATO, Sardinia, Italy 6 Environmental stations for aerosol monitoring (RAM) and gamma monitoring (ENVIRAD). 2009 2014/2016
Government of Romania Radiation Monitoring Network including 80 Gamma Monitors (SMU/ENVIRAD), 6 multifunction underwater gamma monitoring stations (SMU-03), 1 Gas Monitor (RGM). 2006/2007 2013/2017
Government of Iraq Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network composed by some Air Monitoring Stations (RAM-31) and Gamma Monitoring Units (SMU/ENVIRAD), with redundant communication and redundant Network Control & Coordination Centre.
RMS System for Tuwaitha Plant including 13 Gamma Monitors (LCU/HNQ), 4 Aerosol Monitors (RAM/CCAM) and a Central Control Station.
EU TACIS/ ENERGOATOM, Rovno NPP, Ukraine Plant RMS System comprising 6 Stack Monitoring Subsystems (RAM/RIM/RGM), 2 Site Monitoring Subsystems (RAM/RIM), 2 Liquid Monitoring Subsystems (RWM), 2 Laboratory sets for Tritium analysis. 2003/2004
Ansaldo Nucleare/SOGIN/Nucleco – Latina/Caorso/Saluggia Plants, Italy RMS System for Gamma Monitoring (LCU/HNQ/GAMSI) and Aerosol Monitoring (RAM/CAM) with 3 types of Central Software Packages. Saluggia
RMS Systems for Gamma Monitoring (LCU/HNQ) and Aerosol Monitoring for indoor and stack (RAM/CCAM). Caorso.
RMS System for Gamma Monitoring (LCU/HNQ) with a Central Control and Management station. Latina.
RMS Systems comprising several Trolley mounted Aerosol Monitors CCAM and two Central Control and Management Front-End units. Saluggia.
GA/USEPA Environmental Protection Agency, USA Air Radiation Monitoring Network (RADNET) comprising 180 peripheral stations for beta and gamma monitoring and central stations with encrypted redundant communication. RTS equipment and software constitutes the ‘core’ of the system: Dual Detector DDA-02 for alpha/beta and gamma, Local Processing Unit LPU-02, Local & Central Operating Software Packages. 2006/2013
DSTA, Government of Singapore Two RMS System comprising 5 Peripheral Stations, with an Alpha/Beta & Gamma Aerosol Monitor (RAM-31), a Iodine Monitor (RIM-14), a Gamma Dose-rate Monitor (ENVIRAD-01), Underwater Monitors (RWM-01/UWM). 2002/2003 2008/2013 2015/2016
GA/WIPP (USDOE), NM, USA RMS System comprising several Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitors (RAM-31) for pipe and indoor monitoring, several wide range double probe Gamma Monitors and Neutron Monitors (LCU/LPU), a Central Front-End SW package (RadClient/RadServer). All dedicated to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in an underground site of New Mexico. 2000/2002 2008/2010
Among the Users of RTS Radiation Monitoring Systems are also included:
Chernobyl NPP (Ukraine) and Smolensk NPP (Russia), Triga NPPs (Italy, Romania), Atomic Energy Commission (Greece), Ministry of Industry (Italy), Ministry of Health (Italy), Ford Motor Company (USA), BNFL Sellafeld (UK), Kaeri (Korea), Ministry of Health (Tunisia), ENEA Casaccia (Italy), Hi-Q / San Diego University (USA), Sistematica (Italy), Ingegneria Biomedica S. Lucia (Italy), Energy Solutions (Canada), Vitrociset (Italy), Mecrosystem (Romania).

RTS is an experienced, independent, company based in Rome, Italy, that provides radiation measuring equipment and radiological monitoring systems to nuclear, research and environmental customers worldwide.

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