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RTS Instruments Srl (RTS) provides radiation measuring equipment and radiological monitoring systems to nuclear, research and environmental customers worldwide. The company is based in Rome, Italy, and its staff has been working in the field since long time. The products, developed and manufactured by RTS, are exclusive property of the company and include devices and systems for measuring and monitoring all types of radioactive contaminants of air and water as well as radioactive emissions including gamma dose-rate, neutrons and natural radioactivity.
The main customer groups include nuclear power plants and facilities, research centers, civil defense, military organizations, health and environmental institutions.
RTS equipment has been supplied all over the world with satisfied customers and repetitive business indicative of field-proven, advanced, and reliable technologies. RTS uses highly qualified subcontractors for basic manufacturing activities and for overseas site assistance, while directly controls the key phases of production, tests and project management. Large projects are implemented with highly qualified partners.


With environmental and security questions in the various fields becoming ever more pressing, the issue of safe nuclear power, safe decommissioning, safe waste storage, safe transportation, safe use of radioactive sources, is actually one of the key tasks. Radiation Monitoring, a very important means from the environmental as well as from the safety and security points of view, involves new and demanding challenges for everyone in this sector. RTS is well placed to meet these challenges. Comprehensive product lines, modern instruments, innovative R&D operations, and an increasing worldwide marketing with customer support, are some of the key factors. This also ensures that RTS will be able to maintain its company goal of providing customers with sound products and systems, reliable devices, service support and long-time spares, expert consulting services and, above all, the safety, security and efficiency of its operations.


RTS takes care of continuous development activity focused on technology and quality tasks, also conforming to ISO, ANSI and NQA standards.
RTS is a QA certified company for ISO 9001:2015 (EA19, EA33 – Design and manufacturing of systems for radiation measurement and monitoring, including after-sale service).

RTS is an experienced, independent, company based in Rome, Italy, that provides radiation measuring equipment and radiological monitoring systems to nuclear, research and environmental customers worldwide.

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